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Support for Businesses

Support for Businesses

Gravelbourg offers an abundance of serviced land and a local government that is committed to supporting and growing your business. If you are considering opening a business in Gravelbourg, let us assist you in reaching your goals.


The Gravelbourg Economic Development Office is available to consult on new business start-up and business plan development. Contact the Economic Development Officer at (306) 648-3301, ext. 4 or contact us.

Useful Business Start-up Links

Saskatchewan Agriculture, Food and Rural Revitalization |www.agriculture.gov.sk.ca
Provides current trends in agriculture and links to associations and programs.

Strategis | www.strategis.ic.gc.ca
The Canadian Business Map is part of Industry Canada's Strategis web site, designed to help you navigate the vast amount of business information available on the internet.

Western Economic Diversification Canada | www.wd.gc.ca
Western Economic Diversification Canada is committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses grow and create jobs. Site includes: Information on starting a business, doing business and going international, selling to government, and business directories and contacts.

Canada-Saskatchewan Business Service Center | www.canadabusiness.ca
This site is a must see for anyone contemplating a new business startup Provides Business Guides on popular business topics, a database of provincial and federal government business related programs, services and selected regulations.

Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership | www.sasktrade.sk.ca
Providing links to export solutions and market intelligence.

Human Resources Development Canada | www.hrsdc.gc.ca/en/home.shtml
Information on programs links to associated agencies, job listings, youth services, job searches, business information and connections to the national job bank listing.

Export Development | www.edc.ca
Helping in risk management, insurance, guarantees for companies looking at exporting.

Canadian Commercial Corporation | www.ccc.ca
Helping business conclude sales to foreign governments and agencies.

South Central Community Futures | www.sccfdc.ca
South Central CFDC offers a wide range of services to existing small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to create new enterprises. Services include:

  • Free business counseling and technical assistance for the preparation of feasibility studies, marketing studies and business plans.
  • Access to capital in the form of repayable interest-bearing loans for new and existing business ventures.
  • Business Resource Library with an extensive range of business information publications and referral sources.
  • Support for business in the areas of: agri-food business and processing, manufacturing, service industry and commercial retail and other feasible business opportunities.

Alternative Financing for a Business


Business Development Fund and Term Business Fund
The South Central CFDC supplies alternative capital for business start-up and expansion as follows:

  • business must be located within the South Central CFDC geographic boundary

Visit www.sccfdc.ca or contact the South Central CFDC office in Assiniboia at (306) 642-5558.


Standard Incentives


That the following tax incentives be placed on commercial properties in the Town of Gravelbourg for purposes of economic development:

  1. Construction of a new commercial building: 100% tax exemption in each year of a five year consecutive period to the original benefiting persons or business.
  2. Extension to existing commercial building:
    • 100% tax exemption for the first year on the new construction or extension to the\original benefiting persons or business.
    • 75% tax exemption for the second year on the new 
      construction or extension to the original benefiting 
      persons or business.
    • 50% tax exemption for the third year on the new construction or extension to the original benefiting persons or business.
    • 25% tax exemption for the fourth year on the new construction or extension to the original benefiting persons or business.
  3. Purchase of an existing business: 25% tax exemption for each of the first four years or:
  4. Purchase of an existing building to start a new business: 25% tax exemption for each of the first four years or;
  5. Lease to purchase of an existing building to start a new business where taxes are transferred to the lessee through lease agreement: 25% tax exemption for each of the first four years.

Further, that these incentives shall cease immediately upon closure of the commercial building and; Further that each current and future incentive provided shall be limited and subject to any future legislative enactments which may restrict the Town's ability to provide them to the extent set out in this resolution and; Further that Resolution 210/04 be hereby rescinded.