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COVID-19 Update: Post Office and Southland Coop

April 7 2020

Reminder: Canada Post

  • Hours are reduced: opens 1 hour later and closes 1 hour earlier. Open 9am-4pm.
  • The first hour of each day is dedicated to seniors and people vulnerable to the virus.
  • Try to limit your trips to the post office to at most one a week, unless you are expecting something important. If you are expecting a parcel, wait for the card in your box, do not go in to ask if it has arrived.
  • Social distancing also applies, there are indicators on the floor to help you remember. It is not the time nor place to chat with others.


Southland Coop:

  • The store is open to a maximum of 5 customers at the time.
  • Some manufacturers have reduced the variety of products (i.e. varieties of pasta, flavors of yogurt). With that in mind, if you can’t find a specific product, it is possible you won’t find it in any other grocery store. Try substituting it in the meantime.
  • Try to limit your visit to once a week, or less if possible. Send only one person per household to the store. 
  • Shopping locally is the best way to protect our community. Leaving the community to do your shopping is putting you at risk, and you risk bringing the virus back to Gravelbourg. 
  • Be patient! Everyone is doing their best under the circumstances and the grocery store workers have been working really hard these past few weeks. 


Remember that this is a stressful time for frontline workers (healthcare, grocery, pharmacy, post office staff), be patient, be kind and respectful.

As always, stay home unless it is essential, wash your hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer frequently, keep physical distancing.

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