Gravelbourg & District Bilingual Music Festival - April 18 -21

Jan 30 2018

Gravelbourg & District Bilingual Music Festival

April 18th – 21st, 2018
Church of Christ, Gravelbourg, Sask.
Gravelbourg Grammy’s April 28, 2018
Entry deadline: March 1, 2018
Payment deadline: March 2, 2018


Michelle 648-7502 or  Lorna  648-3540

Reminder that we are paperless and all registrations must to be completed online.
In addition to important dates, our site has instructions for registration and payment.
Michelle would be pleased to help you with any questions, including the registration process.

Did you know:
Gravelbourg is currently the “only” Bilingual Festival in Saskatchewan at this time!
With over 100 classes available for entries, there is something for everyone!
French --- English --- Voice --- Speech Arts --- Instrumental --- Solo --- Groups
And … Volunteers are always appreciated. Please contact Lorna.

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