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Schools & Education

Schools and Education


Gravelbourg Elementary School |240 1st Avenue East

Gravelbourg Elementary School is a Kindergarten to Grade Seven facility.

The Elementary School offers two programs: an English program with Core French, and a French immersion program with one hour of English instruction per day. The Elementary School building also houses the Chinook Regional Library, the Great Plains College and SCN (Saskatchewan Communications Network)

For more information contact (306) 648-3277 or visit www.prairiesouth.ca/gravelbourgelem.

Gravelbourg High School | 240 1st Avenue East

The High School also offers a French immersion program, as well as an English program. This school provides education from Grade 8 to Grade 12.

For more information contact (306) 648-2480 or visit www.prairiesouth.ca/gravelbourghigh.

École Beau-Soleil | 306 1st Avenue East (south entrance)

École Beau-Soleil provides a Francophone education, offering classes from Kindergarten to Grade Seven. 

For more information contact (306) 648-3112 or visit www.ecolebeausoleil.ca.

École Mathieu de Gravelbourg | 306 1st Avenue East (north entrance)

École Mathieu de Gravelbourg opened its doors to French-Catholic youth in 1918.  ESCM provides Francophone education from Grades Eight to Twelve.

For more information contact (306) 648-3105 or visit www.escm.ca  


Gravelbourg Play and Learn Daycare

For more information contact (306) 648-1234.

Centre Educatif le Tournesol

For more information contact (306) 648-3121.


Collège Mathieu

Collège Mathieu is a francophone post secondary institution that offers professional trainings in French in Saskatchewan. Collège Mathieu also offers a wide range of short courses as well as language classes.

For more information, you can visit the website www.collegemathieu.sk.ca or call 1-800-663-5436 or 306-648-3129. 

 For more information about continuing education training, please visit http://www.collegemathieu.sk.ca/info/formations-aux-organismes-entreprises-et-individus.html