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Local Government

Local Government

Town Office

Administrator: Joan Corneil
Assistant Administrator: Sandy Weiterman

Administrative Assistant: Bonita Weinbender

Telephone | (306) 648-3301
Fax | (306) 648-3400

Public Works

Telephone | (306) 648-3301, ext. 3
Fax | (306) 648-3400

Public Works Manager: Dustin Aitken

Public Services Employees:  Sheldon Filson, Luke Taylor, Craig Faulkner, Andy Produniuk 

Economic Development Office

Telephone | (306) 648-3301, ext. 4
Fax | (306) 648-3493

Economic Development Officer: Isabelle Blanchard

Sports, Culture & Recreation Office

Telephone | (306) 648-3301, ext. 6
Fax | (306) 648-3493

Manager of Sport Culture and Recreation: Casandra Rushinko

Town Council

Gravelbourg is governed by an elected Town Council comprised of six Councillors and a Mayor, each elected for a four year term. Our present council consists of:


Robert Bowler 

Email:  mayor.robertbowler@gravelbourg.ca


Toos Giesen-Stefiuk 

Email:  toosgiesenstefiuk@gravelbourg.ca


Edward Lagassé 

Email:  edwardlagasse@gravelbourg.ca


Lucien Sicotte 

Email:  luciensicotte@gravelbourg.ca


Travis Rushinko 

Email:  travisrushinko@gravelbourg.ca


Darcy Stefiuk 

Email:  darcystefiuk@gravelbourg.ca


André Lorrain 

Email:  andrelorrain@gravelbourg.ca


Working subcommittees of Council include:

  • Economic Development and Tourism Advisory Committee

  • Public Services Committee

  • Finance Committee

  • Sport, Culture and Recreation Advisory Committee

  • Aquaplex Committee and Beautification Committee

The actual governing of the community follows the rules and regulations outlined by various acts of the Government of Saskatchewan, primarily the Municipalities Act (2005). 

The Municipality is responsible for providing such things as protective services (police & fire), utilities (safe water & sanitary sewer), recreational opportunities (parks, recreational facilities etc.), environmental services (solid waste disposal, landfill operations, pest/weed control etc.), transportation services (roads, side walks, traffic signalling, street lighting, snow removal etc.), and other services that provide for or ensure the safe, orderly and peaceful enjoyment of our community.