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Changes to Curbside Waste Removal

August 10 2022

The Ministry of Environment determined that the Gravelbourg landfill is at capacity and needs to be decommissioned. Continuing to dispose of residential and commercial waste in the landfill is no longer sustainable. The Town of Gravelbourg obtained an extension of its landfill permit and will continue to work with the Ministry of Environment to develop a closure plan. To take the pressure off the landfill, Council passed a resolution to contract out solid waste collection to Loraas Disposal South Inc.

Discontinuing municipal manual waste collection has many benefits:

  • Loraas will provide each residence with a 95-gallon wheeled cart and bi-weekly collection. The carts hold three times more trash than standard garbage cans and are equipped with secure lids that will help prevent the unsightly dispersal of garbage by wind or animals.
  • As is the current expectation, all garbage must be bagged and placed in the cart for pick-up. Whether bagged or loose, Loraas will not collect waste left outside the cart or on the curb.
  • The collection schedule days for garbage and recycling will be the same town wide. Loraas will collect waste bi-weekly on Fridays to alternate with recycling collection the following Mondays. See the Collection Calendar for a complete list of 2022 pick-up dates.
  • The Town will save on the maintenance and replacement of the waste disposal vehicle which is nearing the end of the end of its useful life.
  • Public works will have more time to dedicate towards other essential projects and maintenance.
  • Occupational health and safety concerns for Town employees are greatly reduced.


Important Dates

Week of August 22, 2022 – Cart distribution

September 1, 2022 – Last pick up by Town staff

September 6-8 – Town Compost pick-up. Residents are encouraged to place their grass and yard clippings into easily dumped containers (carboard boxes, paper bags, regular garbage cans, etc. —no plastic bags, please!) on the curb for pick up by Town staff.

September 9, 2022 – First Loraas pick-up


Useful Tips

  • Place your cart as illustrated in the pamphlet between 7:00 pm the night before garbage collection and 7:00 am the day of.
  • Do not pack your waste material too tightly.
  • Home and yard renovations can create a lot of waste. Please take branches, large pieces of wood or metal, shingles, etc. to the landfill. For larger jobs, consider renting a bin as it may be cheaper than frequent trips to the landfill.
  • Compost your grass clippings at home or take them to Town compost site. Leave only compost on the compost pile. Absolutely no plastic bags, household garbage, plastic or carboard boxes, etc.
  • Recycle effectively! See the recycling info sheet for a list of acceptable blue cart items.
  • Break down carboard boxes so they take up less space in your blue cart.
  • Visit the Public Services page for more information on waste disposal, landfill hours, and fees


Fee Changes

Council has not raised waste or recycling fees since 2017. The minimal increase (effective as of the October 2022 billing cycle) will help offset the cost of decommissioning the landfill.



Current Fees

New Fees

Residential Waste



Residential Recycling




If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Public Works Manager at 306-648-3301 ext. 3.


Thank you for your cooperation. Let's keep Gravelbourg beautiful!

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