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Water Tower Leak

June 30 2022

In April, Public Works noticed water running down the outside of the water tower. A ground level visual inspection revealed a small leak on the underside of the water storage tank.


The Town retained Danger Sandblasting & Painting to evaluate the severity of the leak and provide repair solutions. According to their assessment, although the leak is constant and coming from a point close to the riser pipe connection with the tank, the leak is not severe. The Town is working with these experts in container repair to determine the best way to repair the leak without having to drain the tower.


The Town is unaware of any current danger the water tower may cause to the public due to structural integrity or water quality. Recent testing indicates that the water is well within the parameters for potable use.


The Town will continue to update the public on the water tower repair plan. If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Manager at 306-648-3301 ext. 3, or eng@gravelbourg.ca.


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