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Water Tower Valve Replacement

October 6 2022

On Tuesday, October 11, the Town of Gravelbourg will install a valve at the base of the water tower. This will allow for the repair of the leak and allow us to conduct any future work without disrupting the water supply to our regular users. 

The water on 1st Avenue West be turned off on Tuesday morning while we drain the tower and install the valve.  The impacted area is shown within the red outline.

We anticipate that this work will be completed in about 1-2 days, depending on the contractors helping us.

While the water on 1st Avenue is turned off, we have arranged for a supply of water to the school to permit use of the bathrooms and sinks.

We will be following the advice of the Water Security Agency with respect to the protocols around water treatment once the water is back on.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but this work is required to improve our water distribution network.



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Timothy Walker

There is already a new (7-8 yrs.) 8” valve in front of the daycare on the main. Using the WTP by-pass the entire town can be pressurized with potable water, with no loss of pressure, excluding all service connections on First Avenue West of the water tower including the Wood River Rural Pipeline. At a cost of approximately $5000 to drain the tower I certainly hope an intelligent use of the water is planned. (ie. Fire Department Practice, Flow rate testing of fire hydrants, flow rate testing of fire hydrants using the fire pump, flushing of the sewer mains and or storm sewers etc.) Additionally, the pond should be filled for firefighting purposes should we experience a large scale fire, as well as notifying the Fire Dept. of the planned outage as well as notifying neighbouring community Fire Departments and arranging for farmer volunteers to be hooked up to their water tankers as well as giving Boire Trucking a heads up to the possible requirement to utilize his water taker to fill the collapsible portable water reservoir in the event of large scale fire. My advice as a former Town Foreman. Good luck.

Timothy Walker

Addendum to my original message. Or, you could simply change the inner workings of the 10 inch valve located at the base of the water tower and save $10,000, and a PDWA. That option will look a lot simpler after you complete your line locate and realize that there is no other location in town with more Telephone, Electrical, and Fibre Optic cables. By law, (ground disturbance Level II regulations), due to the proximity of Fibre Optics you will be required to apply for permission to dig and most likely be required to have a Sasktel representative on site supervising the dig. All in all, a disastrous plan at best. Sorry for the harsh words but they should serve save all our asses from costly litigation and/or unnecessary work and expense. Again, good luck.