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Heritage Walking Tour

Heritage Walking Tour

A Walk Through History

Published by the Gravelbourg and District Museum

"Founded as an outpost of French Canada by a priest from Quebec via New York City, settled in part by Franco Americans, endowed in the earliest beginnings with institutions whose architecture and aims strove for the grand scale, there is even today something uncommon about Gravelbourg. Certainly it cuts an uncommon outline on the prairie horizon where earth and sky unite, dissolve and disappear into infinity, as they do nowhere else in the world."

Sister St. John of Kent

"This interactive map about Gravelbourg's past is designed to provide only a glimpse into the character of our founding fathers - their spirit, courage and their tireless energy. This sense of community still exists in Gravelbourg and is a key component in the continued revitalization of the rural landscape in southern Saskatchewan."

Louis Stringer, Chairperson Gravelbourg & District Museum Board of Trustees

The Gravelbourg and District Museum would like to express its thanks to the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation for their financial support of this project.

Heritage Walking Tour Guide Books are available to purchase at selected businesses in Gravelbourg.

Interactive Heritage Walking Tour Map


Each number on the map corresponds to a heritage building or site in the Town of Gravelbourg. You can either select the links below or click on the numbers on the map to explore each heritage site with pictures and detailed information


1. Old Court House
2. Gravelbourg Museum
3. Post Office Building
4. Renaissance Gaiety Theatre
5. Maillard Centre Culturel
6. College Mathieu
7. Father Gravel Statue
8. Our Lady of the Assumption Co-Cathedral
9. Convent of Jesus and Mary
10. Path for Peace Labyrinth
11. Soucy House
12. 1915 Western Elevator Co.