Main St & 1st Ave West

Erected by the Government of Canada, this historic monument honours the founding father of Gravelbourg, Father Louis-Pierre Gravel. Born in Princeville, Quebec in 1868, Pere Gravel was authorized in 1906 to open a parish in the region of his choice.Later that same year, in a spot watered by one of our rare streams in the region, and surrounded by what he recognized as wheat growing soil of unsurpassed fertility, Father Gravel pitched a tent twenty by thirty feet which served as a temporary church.

On March 20th, 1906, a post office was established where the Town of Gravelbourg is now situated. In the spring of 1907, French Canadian settlers began to flock to the beautiful valley which constituted the parish of Gravelbourg.

During the fall and winter of that same year, Father Gravel spent his time campaigning in Eastern Canada and the eastern Stated inviting his fellow countrymen to come and establish themselves in this new land, where the soil was reputed to be so very rich.